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Anything that relieves arthritis pain and stiffness is a welcome relief for those suffering from it. Heat therapy is more famous than cold therapy, although doctors endorse both to treat the pain. You can learn more about heat therapy for arthritis here in this blog.

Defining Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is effective in treating arthritis pain. The main benefit of heat therapy is that it is inexpensive. As a result, arthritis pain, swelling, stiffness, and swelling can be relieved with heat. Relaxation and improved blood flow in the joints and muscles are provided by heat. A morning session of this therapy can help loosen up osteoarthritic knees. Cold and heat therapy are often used together to make them more effective, but they can also be used alone.


The healing power of heat is stimulated. There are many ways to administer heat therapy. Alternatively, one can use moist heat, such as heated washcloths or warm baths. The heat therapy process must be followed according to the best orthopaedic doctor in Chandigarh:

  • It dilates blood vessels by increasing blood circulation and nutrient and oxygen flow to the muscles. Muscle spasms are reduced, and damaged tissues are repaired.
  • Furthermore, it blocks pain signals from reaching the brain, changing pain perception.
  • It improves joint flexibility since it increases muscle and connective tissue pliability.

When should you take heat therapy?

Moist heat packs are most effective when used twice a day. Before and after physical therapy, you can use them for 15 minutes. You should give the affected area a 5-10-minute heat massage within 48 hours for effective relief.

Heat Therapy: When Should You Stop?

It is not suitable for some people to take heat therapy. These are some of these circumstances:

  • A bruised or swollen joint
  • Heart disease or hypertension
  • A pregnant woman should avoid hot tubs and spas
  • Open wounds
  • Dermatitis is a skin problem
  • Diabetes patients
  • Blood clots
  • Those with severe cognitive impairments
  • A peripheral vascular disease patient

Final words

This blog gives a brief about heat therapy for bones and joints. If you are facing issues, visit the best orthopaedic doctor in Chandigarh, Dr TS Gill.


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