IVF treatment in Kandivali

Being a parent is a blessing and one of the major life changes that require special attention from the mother to ensure the child’s health. In the case of IVF, the mother must also take every step carefully. Therefore, there are several dos and don’ts IVF mothers need to be aware of if they will become parents following successful IVF treatment in Kandivali.

The baby will only remain well throughout and after birth if the mother is healthy. 

IVF dos and don’ts

  1. Exercise:- One of the key elements while discussing pregnancy is exercise. To keep her body and mind active and healthy, the mother can practice yoga, walking, elliptical training, and other simple activities. However, she is not permitted to overdo it because the IVF procedure is demanding, and if the mother overdoes it, she will get exhausted and under stress. However, there is a chance of nausea, pain, and vomiting in this circumstance.
  2. Stay away from booze:- A study found that drinking alcohol badly affected pregnancy. Alcohol use increases the likelihood of infertility in men and women by up to 50%. Therefore, refrain from consuming any alcohol while you are pregnant. Instead, opt for some healthy juices.
  3. Sleep well:- You have managed your stress level after eating right and exercising. Take a good night’s rest, which will last at least 7 hours, as the next step. Lack of sleep makes you feel exhausted and raises your stress level, which harms the mother and the unborn child.
  4. Self-care routine:- Self-pampering is important during pregnancy because it relieves stress and improves your internal and exterior well-being. Therefore, visiting a spa, a salon, or any other location providing recreational opportunities is advised.But keep in mind that due to enlargement of the ovaries, you should refrain from deep tissue and scalp massages.
  5. Household products:- Many chemicals are used in homes to complete household tasks. They include substances that disturb the endocrine system, harming hormones and reproductive health. These include things like soaps, perfumes, and nail polish. 

The conclusion

It will reduce difficulties and miscarriage if you prepare your body and psyche before beginning IVF therapy. Follow the IVF dos and don’ts listed above to ensure a safe pregnancy. Contact your doctor at the Mumbai IVF clinic for further information and direction. 


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