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These days, people are moodier with their furniture. Laminates add a new look and transform homes into something luxurious and stunning that they will ignore when they look at it. Through this post, you’ll learn the various types of laminates and the most suitable Laminate brand in India.


Decorative Laminate: It is a challenging and brittle sheet with an average thickness of 1 millimeter and is widely employed as an overlay for furniture pieces, cabinets, and wall paneling. These sheets are decorated with a surface made with decorative printed paper and are available in various colors, patterns, and textures. They add an attractive aesthetic to your home.


Laminates are generally of two kinds:

HPL(high-pressure Laminates)

High pressure laminate is manufactured under an elaborate process because it involves soaking the brown paper decorative paper transparent into resins based on plastic. There are many different layers of paper impregnated with a thermosetting resin.

The papers are then pressed and joined. A special glue permanently joins the Laminate made of high-pressure. The heat and pressure were applied in a single session for more than an hour for a strong bond.HPL (High-Pressure Laminates) or LPL (Low-Pressure Laminates)is based on the pressure applied during the procedure.

LPL(low-Pressure Laminates)

For low-pressure laminates (LPL), only decorative papers are submerged in Melamine resin. The laminated document is then attached to particle Boards and fiber Boards (MDF or HDF).

Stylam laminates and producers are the top laminate manufacturer in India, with the Asia largest plant in India. They have a range of laminates made from high pressure, which have a variety of colors and textures. You can buy laminates from their website with no hassle process, and it is the top High-Pressure Laminate brand in India.


The laminate sheets used for regular use typically have a thickness of 0.6 millimeters to 1.5 millimeters, and they are not as thick as the smaller Laminates. The sheets of Regular Laminates are adhered by craftsmen to the substrate using standard adhesives, such as Fevicol.


Compact Laminates are the densest laminates that don’t require stuck to wood or other material since they have a thickness of about three millimeters to thirty millimeters. The two sides that are Laminates are attractive.

If you are still confused that whether you should go with laminates then you read our guide  The Advantages of Using Decorative Laminates.



Industrial Laminate is a material that is stronger against wear and scratch tears. The laminates are very extremely strong, and that’s why the majority of circuit boards are constructed using Industrial Laminates. They’re more durable, which is why Industrial Laminates can be used in furniture for offices, houses, outwalls, etc. The primary distinction in this regard is the fact it is that Industrial Laminates are more durable.


As the name suggests, Decorative Laminates are used to decorate and protect furniture. They give our homes and furniture a high-end finish. These kinds of laminates can be utilized in designing home walls, interiors, and more. Laminates with decorative designs can make your home look attractive and make your home appear modern.


If you’re looking for the top decorative laminates, then Sylam Laminates is Asia’s largest Laminates Manufacture that provides a range of designs of laminates that will brighten your home. These laminates can help you create the perfect office, with a variety from vintage and mild to conference toms with vibrant colors. With decorative laminates in an array of stunning layouts, their laminates catalog will leave you with plenty of choices. The top laminate manufacturer in India ensures that you get the best price and quality. Sylam has more than a thousand styles to pick from.

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