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Indian weddings are world renowned for their rich traditions and elaborate ceremonies. They are a mix of vibrant colors, loud music, finger-licking food, sweets, traditional artifacts and colorful outfits. Anyone planning an Indian wedding away from India will want to include all these beautiful traditions in their wedding function. Fusion 6 banquet halls provide a versatile canvas to infuse these traditional elements and transform the hall into a captivating Indian setting.

Fusion 6, the number one Indian wedding venue in perth explores creative ideas for incorporation of Indian traditional elements and cultural charm to the banquet hall for a memorable fat Indian wedding in Perth. Let’s take a look:

1. Mandap:

Mandap is the traditional Indian wedding altar and is the focal point of an Indian wedding ceremony. The professional décor team of Fusion 6 decorates the mandap with ornate pillars, vibrant drapes and floral arrangements. They incorporate traditional elements like statues of deities and traditional motifs. They use Indian auspicious colors such as red, gold or maroon for the decoration. 

2. Floral Decorations:

Flowers are widely used in Indian weddings. Flowers like marigolds, roses and jasmine are heavily used during auspicious Indian functions. Fusion 6 teams adorn the pillars, ceilings and walkways and flower garlands with these flowers.

3. Colorful Drapery and Fabrics:

Fusion 6 incorporates colorful fabrics and drapery in the decor. They use traditional textiles like silk, brocade or richly embroidered fabrics for draping ceilings, walls and pillars. They choose fabrics in colours used in Indian wedding like bright red, royal blue, regal purple, golden, maroon to create a visually captivating ambiance.

4. Rangoli:

Rangoli is a traditional Indian art that involves creation of intricate designs on the floor with colored powders or flower petals. Fusion 6 incorporates rangoli patterns in the banquet hall. The rangoli designs can be customized to match the theme of the wedding.

5. Indian Music and Dance:

Success of any function or party depends on the choice of music. Music can be an ice breaker for dance and communication. Fusion 6 incorporates Indian traditional, Bollywood and Punjabi music to create a festive atmosphere.  A dedicated space for musicians and dancers is created to entertain guests and a large dance floor is also arranged.

6.Indian Cuisine:

Food is the most important part of any function. Fusion 6 has experienced Indian chefs and cooks to deliver authentic Indian cuisines. They offer a diverse menu which includes regional specialties as well. The food stations are decorated with traditional elements of brass utensils and copper pots.

7. Cultural Artifacts:

Indian cultural artifacts and props are displayed throughout the banquet hall to add an ethnic and authentic touch. Elements of traditional sculptures, antique furniture, vintage photographs and ethnic crafts are incorporated.

We can vouch that Fusion 6 have the most sought-after banquet halls in Perth when planning an Indian wedding. They have years of experience in organizing beautiful Indian wedding which people talk about for years to come.

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