best knee replacement surgeon in Chandigarh

Whether it is just a common joint pain or arthritis, only a specialist or the best knee replacement surgeon in Chandigarh can explain it. 

It has been found that most people mistake joint Pain for Arthritis or the opposite. To such people, it becomes necessary to get more details to reach the ultimate solution. So that they no longer just roam around to figure out their actual problem but get treatment as soon as possible. 

Understanding Joint Pain

Joint Pain can occur in multiple parts of the body. It can happen in the knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists, neck and so on. This Pain can arise in the place where two bones fuse together. Pain can come and go but can be constant in most patients. Burning, throbbing, or “grating” sensations are some of the common symptoms which you can feel. Too much activity can make Pain worse. However, Pain can be a cause of Arthritis, injury, overuse of muscles, stress, or poor diet. 

Understanding Arthritis

Swelling or tenderness around the joint area can signify that a person is going through Arthritis. Most notably, if the symptoms are accompanied by Pain, redness and stiffness, it can be Arthritis. The Pain can go worse with aging; thus, immediate treatment is advised. It is because the medical condition is associated with aging. As a human ages, the cartilage (a hard, slippery tissue covering the bone ends of joints) wears off, resulting in bones fusing together. The disease can even invite infections and other diseases. 

So what’s your problem? 

Consult with Dr T S Gill at Healing Hospital, who has been the best knee replacement surgeon in Chandigarh. They may help you feel confident about your underlying health condition, so you can head to the treatment center without worries. Arthritis is most commonly associated with aging symptoms, but whether or not the issue has been breeding inside joints or not can only be explained after the examination. It has been found in most patients that joint pain is just a consequence of an injury and isn’t not linked with Arthritis as aging might not have occurred in them.

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