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Interest rate hikes are causing most of Australia to search for equilibrium, but Wanneroo is remarkably surviving. Although home prices in the city and its suburbs have fluctuated slightly, the overall outlook remains optimistic. Let us find out the top investments you can do with the help of real estate in Wanneroo.

Top Neighborhoods in Wanneroo for Real Estate Investment


The City of Swan contains Brabham, located northeast of Perth. There was a large increase in quarterly sales in the suburb, from 37 to 90. Brabham is popular because of its reasonable lifestyle. Residents can enjoy fun facilities and green spaces. The median home price is $400,000, and the vacancy rate is 0.5%.


There has been a boom in buyer need and price growth in the City of Rockingham market. Several reasons include its affordability, proximity to one of Perth’s largest work zones, and its seaside location. Despite rising prices, Baldivis remains one of the most prolific suburbs of the LGA for sales numbers.


Orelia is a south Perth suburb popular with young families. Various transport options are available in the region, including shopping, green spaces, and schools. In addition, there is an industrial employment zone nearby. One of the factors that make Orelia a sought-after area is its affordability. It costs $305,000 on average to buy a home. 


In the City of Armadale, Hilbert is a rural and semi-rural suburb about 27 kilometres from the centre of Perth. 

There is an annual capital growth of 11.0% on houses with a median price of $444,000.  

Located near some of Perth’s most beautiful natural parks and waterways, Hilbert is one of the region’s fastest-growing areas.

Shopaholics and foodies can enjoy plenty of activities here. Many cafes and retail outlets are nearby, including Armadale Shopping Centre and Cockburn Gateway Shopping City. 

Final words

These are some of the best neighborhoods in Wanneroo for investment, according to the market for real estate in Wanneroo. Professionals Wanneroo is one of the best real estate agents who will help you from start to end in buying a property.

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