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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a current global health problem. Nowadays, one in ten women of reproductive age experience this medical problem.

PCOS is one of the most common reproductive diseases that best gynecologists in Panchkula, like Dr. Deepika, say they deal with.

So why is it taking place? To find out more, keep reading.

What is PCOS?

Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is a hormonal disorder that affects women. Women’s ovaries don’t release eggs after the menstrual cycle as healthily as they should because of hormonal abnormalities. Problems with metabolism might potentially cause PCOS. It has been shown that women with this ovarian condition are one of the main causes of infertility and may have difficulty becoming pregnant.

PCOS symptoms

The main symptoms that PCOS-affected women frequently face daily are listed below. Look at this-

Menstrual cycle irregularity:- You should be concerned if you have an irregular menstrual cycle since it might indicate PCOS. Some women may miss their periods or completely cease having their menstrual cycles.

Acne:- PCOS may be indicated by acne on the chest, upper back, or face.

Loss of Hair:- Another indication that you may have PCOS is hair loss or thinning hair.

Too many hairs:- Another sign is hair that resembles a man’s beard on the back, arms, or mouth.

Gaining Weight:- If you are gaining Weight without reason, you may be experiencing Ovary Syndrome.

Skin Darkening:- Polycystic ovarian syndrome may frequently cause dull skin, darkening of the skin, or a loss of the skin’s radiance.

Can I Still Conceive With PCOS, and if So, How?

If you have PCOS and hope to give birth to a brilliant, adorable, and bright child who will call you Mom one day, rejoice because it is still possible to conceive.

Women who have PCOS can still become pregnant. However, becoming pregnant with this ovarian condition will be a little more challenging. To guarantee that you may experience a good pregnancy, you must take care of a few necessary tasks.

These are some of the greatest suggestions by renowned gynecologist Dr. Deepika that, if followed in the letter, would help you bridge the gap between your goals and efforts.

  1. Get active and adopt a healthy diet:- Adopting a healthy diet may improve your life if you pair it with an exercise program, which has been proven to aid with more than simply getting pregnant. Regular exercise, the main cause of the condition, will balance your hormone levels. Consume plenty of leafy green vegetables and avoid alcohol and fast food.
  2. Regularly check your blood sugar levels:- As a crucial element that might lessen your likelihood of becoming a mother with PCOS, you must regularly monitor your blood sugar levels. One of the main contributing causes of PCOS is blood sugar, and type 2 diabetes can develop if insulin isn’t reacting to blood sugar levels appropriately, which will aggravate the situation overall.
  3. Have your Body Mass Index Checked:- Always monitor your BMI or have a doctor check it. Your body’s BMI is a reliable gauge of whether or not it is at a healthy weight. Human body size and Weight are used to determine the Body Mass Index. A healthy BMI indicates that the lady has a fit physique and form. Nonetheless, if she was discovered to be overweight or underweight, the doctor may advise a diet plan.
  4. Maintain Period Tracking:- As soon as you learn that you are one of 10 women worldwide with PCOS, start tracking your periods. Your ability to predict when you could get pregnant or when your menstrual cycle is about to resume will be aided by this background.
  5. Get the Services of a Gynecologist:- Contact Dr. Deepika, a women’s expert, and top gynecologist who has assisted hundreds of women in becoming successful moms if you’re looking for the finest PCOS treatment in Panchkula.

Final Words

Are you still anticipating that PCOS will make it more difficult for you to have children? Seek out a professional since you may not always be able to handle things alone.

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