Best Treatment for Back Pain in Mumbai

We all experience back discomfort at the time of our lives. Back pain can result from accidents, an injury from sports or a congenital problem. However, the majority of times back pain can develop in the course of your daily activities. It is possible to control it. correct your posture and lower the chance of experiencing back pain. Are you suffering from regular back pain? Dr Kunal Patel is one of the best doctor who provide the Best Treatment for Back Pain in Mumbai.

The repetition of actions at the home or at work, such as working in front of a computer, lifting and carrying activities, can cause the tightening and tension of muscles that cause back pain.

There’s plenty that we could do in order to stop this kind of issue. In general, being healthy in weight and fitness levels are crucial. One simple approach can go far: pay attention to your posture as if you control it. improve your posture and decrease the possibility of back pain.

Posture refers to the posture you use your body when performing activities such as sitting, standing lifting and bending. If your posture, or the way you hold your body while performing the activity, is correct then the bones of the spine, called vertebrae are aligned correctly.

In this article, we provide a few simple exercises which can help you to improve your body posture and relieve back discomfort:

Best Treatment for Back Pain in Mumbai

Squeeze your shoulder This exercise is very easy. First, sit straight on the chair. After that, place your hands on your legs. Keep your chin in a straight line and your shoulders back. Then slowly pull your shoulder blades and pull your shoulders back. Relax and repeat the exercise three or four times.

Best Treatment for Back Pain in Mumbai

Upper part of  body stretch: In this exercise first begin by standing in the corner, then raise your arms. Make sure your elbows are at shoulder level and hands resting flat on the floor. One foot should be placed ahead over the other. While bending your knee take a deep breath as you push your body to the side. Maintain your back, chest straight, and your head upwards. Keep this posture for 15-30 minutes. You will feel calm.

Best Treatment for Back Pain in Mumbai

Arm across chest: in this technique, you raise the right arm until the level of your shoulder and then bend your hand in the elbow. Keep the radius in line with the ground. Then, using your left hand, grip the elbow of your right hand and then gently push it through your chest. Keep it for 15 seconds; then release both hands. Then repeat the process for the other side.

These are some of the common dangers that are associated with back pain. If you are not getting any help from exercise, its better to seek Best Treatment for Back Pain in Mumbai.

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