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Consider minimally invasive knee replacement if you are thinking about total knee replacement. In this type, the cuts are minor, and there is very little cutting of tissues nearby. In addition, it also allows the patient to recover quickly and have a short duration of stay in the hospital, and there is little blood loss.  

Nevertheless, discussing minimal replacement surgery with the best Knee Replacement surgeon in Chandigarh is vital. However, keep in mind this surgery is not for everyone. However, it may be the perfect choice for the snag of classical surgery that cannot be managed. Let us dive and find out more in this blog.

What is total knee replacement?

Knee arthroplasty, or total knee replacement surgery, is a surgical method that replaces bone and cartilage injured by situations such as osteoarthritis or injury with prosthetic links. Surgery is considered when medicine, physical therapy, and workout do not relieve the signs. Surgery to replace the knee (TKR surgery) is safe and effective for relieving pain. After restoring the function of the knee joint, it also facilitates movement.

Minimally invasive knee joint replacement features:

Reduced incision size

Unlike traditional surgery, minimally invasive surgery only requires 4-6 inch incisions, as in contrast to 10-12 inch incisions in conventional surgery. Through the narrow incision, specialized miniature devices and tools can repair injured tissue without damaging surrounding tissue.

Reduced pain after surgery

In the postoperative period, patients experience less pain because they undergo less trauma to the knee joint and nearby structures.

Recovery time is faster

Minimally invasive knee replacement surgeries allow you to stand up and tolerate weight on your knee on the same day. There is also the option that you will be discharged the next day so that you can recover at home.

Some more info on minimally invasive knee replacement surgery that you must know

You should not opt for minimally invasive knee replacement surgery if you are very muscular or heavy-set. Patients who need complex knee replacements or those with severe joint deformities are not good candidates for this surgery.

Among the other factors are:

  • Due to the limited field of view and the particular instruments required, minimally invasive knee replacement surgery is challenging.
  • It is believed that the surgery may take longer to perform, and there may be complications as a result. In both cases, the surgery will not be successful. Surgical training and a substantial learning curve are required for the surgeon. Choosing a surgeon with a lot of experience performing surgeries of this type is essential.

Final words

This blog mentions the latest knee replacement surgery methods. It is one of the best methods to have knee replacement with less pain and cuts. Reach out to Dr. TS Gill, one of the best Knee Replacement surgeons in Chandigarh, now to get rid of knee issues. 

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