Are you suffering from arthritis but haven’t been able discover a solution? For a lasting relief and a pain-free lifestyle you require immediate, aid.

Redness, extreme knee pain swelling, stiffness caused by joint stiffness and other causes of pain are just a few common symptoms of joint pain that require knee replacement.

There’s a good chance that there’s a Mako Robotic partial knee replacement in Mumbai to let you free from the burdens of arthritis discomfort.

Mako Robotic surgery is much more exact and offers a lower risk of causing soft tissue injuries.

Mako robotic knee replacement procedure in Maharashtra could be a good option If you’ve not had the best results or rehabilitation from short-term treatment and traditional consultations.

Before having the knee replacement procedure, inform yourself about the benefits and disadvantages of this procedure, and talk to the surgeon you choose to assure ease.

Robotic partial knee replacement in Mumbai

What’s the Mako robotic knee replacement procedure? And how is it done?

Mako robotic partial knee replacement uses a robotic arm-assisted knee replacement procedure. The surgeon uses Mako software to plan the procedure in advance and then direct and instruct the robot arm in removing the cartilage. The robotic arm provides access to the region that has been defined and also the particular knee replacement area.

A CT scan is a 3D model of an anatomy, which allows for an accurate understanding of the patient’s condition. This aids in the development of a feasible plan and schedule for the procedures to come.

What type of results are you expecting to observe after treatment?

  • Greater effectiveness and knee flexibility.
  • It enhances agility and adaptability.
  • Less pain, less discomfort
  • Increased speed of recovery
  • Joints that are properly balanced

After a Robotic partial knee replacement in Mumbai, what are the next steps you be taking care of?

Be sure to coordinate your routine with a balanced diet regularly exercising, as well as enough rest. Keep in mind that excess could be detrimental. If you experience uncomfortableness or discomfort, talk with your surgeon, and adhere to a pain management program. To achieve long-term healing as well as successful outcomes, follow carefully the instructions of your surgeon.

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